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Buy Trump Hotel Bathrobe

Most hotel rooms are a blur, says Maxwell Young. But there is one part of his stay at the Hotel Palomar in Northwest Washington that he will always remember: the leopard- and zebra-print robes hanging in his room.

buy trump hotel bathrobe

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As hotel chains look for new ways to attract younger travelers, bathrobes have become one more way to add pizazz to an otherwise predictable stay. Gone are the one-size-fits-all robes of earlier decades. In their place: Seersucker, houndstooth and periwinkle blue, all perfectly suited for sharing on social media.

Finding the right bathrobes can, however, be a years-long challenge for hotels. The pieces must be durable enough to withstand commercial washing and inexpensive enough to replace fairly frequently. That means knitted fabrics like jersey and chenille, which can easily fall apart in the wash or stretch out on a hanger, are out, says Karen Faul, president of Monarch Cypress Hotel Division, which sells 250,000 hotel robes a year.

But assuming Spicer didn't make up his facts out of whole terrycloth, here are some luxurious bathrobe recommendations should President Trump actually be in the market for a new bathrobe to wear around the Lincoln Bedroom:

After checking in to a $900-per-night room at The Trump International Hotel, we used a harmless, washable fluorescent paint only visible under UV lighting, to spray the Inside Edition a logo on sheets, pillows and a bathrobe.

A spokesperson later told Inside Edition: "The Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles has assured us that all used linens are to be changed upon checkout of a guest, which they have reinforced with their housekeeping staff. We are disappointed by this occurrence and the hotel has emphasized to us that they will highlight this example with their staff in order to prevent any oversights in the future."

"While each hotel in our system is locally owned and operated, our brand standards emphasize room cleanliness," a Choice Hotels spokesperson said on behalf of the Comfort Inn. "Our expectations mirror those of hotel guests - a clean room with fresh linens during each stay. We are looking into this to make sure that our brand requirements are followed by this hotel each and every time."

One of the main delights of staying at a luxury hotel or visiting a high-end spa is that nice, comfy robe you get to wear during your stay. It can be worn after a bath or simply from the moment you get up on lazy days.

These are high-quality, hotel-style robes that are made of 100% ring-spun cotton-velour material and feature high absorbency and quick-drying fabric. They provide enough warmth and comfort during the cold winter months because of their fluffy design and a breathable cover for your skin on hot summer days.

You should choose the material and size of your hotel-style robe first and then look at any additional features. Make sure that the care instructions are clear and that your new robe has a collar that keeps your neck warm in the winter.

Inside Edition checked out of the hotel and left the bed looking as if it had been slept in, and flung the bathrobe over a chair. The next day, we checked into the same room under a new name, using a powerful UV light to check the items.

The same investigation also put a few other chain hotels to the test. A Ramada Hotel in Boston, under Wyndham Hotel Group, had clean sheets, but left the pillowcases unwashed. The Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor, a Sheraton at Los Angeles Airport, and a Comfort Inn at LAX are also guity of dirty pillowcases.

All hotels and motels should be clean for every guest. DAILY, when you leave for the day and the maid comes to your room the sheets, pillow cases, towels and robes if supplied should be replaced. To prevent germs and bed bugs, etc. Thats what is expected and should be.

This got me thinking - how much might someone bid for a bathrobe from The Trump Tower? (I took my Mom and Dad there a few months ago, and they had a ball. My Dad still has your slippers, and refuses to part with them.)

Rowe ended his request for a Donald Trump bathrobe with a message emphasizing the nonpolitical nature of his charity, and a note welcoming similar donations from both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders:

On 22 July 2016, Rowe returned to Facebook to inform his fans that Trump had donated a signed bathrobe for his charity. While Rowe expressed gratitude to Trump for the donation, his message was again explicitly nonpartisan:

Well, thanks to the magical synapses of social media, I am now in receipt of a genuine Trump bathrobe - hand delivered to me a few weeks ago in Baltimore, by a whirling dervish named Tana Goertz who works for Mr. Trump. As the attached video attests, Donald Trump is not only aware of mikeroweWORKS, he supports our objectives, and apparently took my challenge at face value.

Yes, some replies were vitriolic and salacious and referred to the idea that men in fluffy white hotel bathrooms have taken on disturbing connotations in the #MeToo-era. Consider the numerous stories of powerful men in Hollywood (think Harvey Weinstein), wearing hotel robes while they allegedly tried to press female colleagues into sex.

Most hotels stock their rooms with plenty of amenities for guests to enjoy during their stays, including bathrobes. Hotel bathrobes and spa robes are famous for being soft and luxurious, especially at high-end hotels and resorts, which might leave you feeling tempted to keep the robes at the end of their trips. But before you roll up that hotel robe and stuff it in your suitcase, consider a number of factors and some consequences that are involved.

A great deal of debate exists over the ethics of taking hotel robes. Some feel it is perfectly fine and harmless, while others feel it is the equivalent of stealing. While many upscale hotels factor guests taking robes and other items into their budgets, small-scale, privately owned hotels and motels might not make such adjustments, and taking a robe could take a cut out of their profits and ultimately harm their business. While it might seem innocent enough for you, as one person, to take a robe, consider what would happen if every guest who stayed there took one. Soon enough, the cost of lost robes and replacing them could drive the hotel out of business, or at least force them to adjust their prices as if everyone were getting a robe.

Most hotels don't care if you take certain "disposable" amenities, such as shampoos, soaps and lotions, but this doesn't necessarily include robes. Consider calling the front desk to politely ask what the policy is regarding taking the robes. The staff might tell you that it is perfectly acceptable for you to pack the robe and take it home with you, or might offer to sell one to you.

Most hotels no longer accept cash payment, and if they do, they usually require a debit or credit card number to be kept on file just in case they need to charge a guest for damages to the hotel room. If the hotel has your credit card information and you take a robe, you could find yourself footing the bill for it. Of course, not every hotel will go out of its way to do this, but it is a possible consequence of taking a hotel robe without permission.

While the chances of this happening are pretty slim, the hotel could press theft charges against you for stealing its property. Hotels in Nigeria and Japan have filed police reports and pressed charges against guests for stealing their towels and other amenities; and in Nigeria, guests have been sentenced to jail time for helping themselves to the hotel's wares. Even though luxury hotels may just have some of the best bathrobes in the world, taking one isn't worth getting a theft charge on your criminal record.

Featuring private furnished balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and City Skylines, our 550 square foot Deluxe Studios have two queen beds, a wet bar, work desk, and dining area. Bathrooms are spacious and stylish, with glass-enclosed showers, deep-soaking tubs, bathrobes, and premium bath amenities.

Measuring 457 square feet, our Deluxe Guest Rooms are furnished with two queen beds, wet bar, work desk, and dining area. Beautifully decorated in shades of turquoise and sea green, they feature a private furnished balcony with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and City Skylines. Spacious bathrooms feature granite counters, glass-enclosed shower, bathrobes, and premium bath amenities.

Given its history, some might say it was a little too accessible for a prior White House administration, as the former owner (the Trump Organization) faced constant scrutiny for potentially leveraging the hotel as a way to gain access to the former president.

For now, the Waldorf is limited when it comes to where you can grab an on-site drink or a bite to eat. Sushi Nakazawa, a Michelin-rated Japanese restaurant, was unaffected by the sale of the Trump hotel and remains in operation, but the Waldorf team made no mention of it at check-in or when I called ahead the night prior to make sure there was somewhere to grab dinner at the hotel. 041b061a72


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