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School Anime: A Perfect Blend of Comedy, Romance, and Drama

Whether elementary, high school, or college, the schools in these anime become breeding grounds for new experiences. They draw shy characters out of their shells, test the mettle of the bravest jocks, and once in a while even force fierce rivals to consider becoming friends.

Updated on October 16th, 2022 by Patrick Armstrong: Every anime season brings a new batch of school anime. Whether teachers are aliens, wizards, or ordinary humans trying to earn a salary and deal with relationships, they have a lot on their minds before their students even get involved. The social dynamics between friends, classmates, and school administrators are familiar ones, which makes jumping into these anime easy for fans. Some do a great job of putting a twist on academia, while others are content to replicate real life as best they can. Whatever the case, all of the school anime are worth checking out, whether one is still in school or graduated years ago.

school anime

15-year-old high school freshman Sawako Kuronuma has always struggled to make friends, because she looks like the villainous Sadako from The Ring horror franchise. Others brand her with that cruel nickname and shy away from her, not giving the timid girl a chance to how sweet she is.

When Sawako meets Shouta, the most outgoing and popular boy in class, she is immediately drawn to his kindness and ability to be the center of attention.The romance that blossoms between the two is delicately and beautifully portrayed. From Me to You succeeds as much for its depiction of young love as it does for Sawako's emotional evolution as she grows closer to other students in this exquisite slice-of-life anime.

It might not have the most breathtaking visuals, but Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun is a funny, self-aware anime. It doesn't rely on fanservice to attract viewers, and doesn't use cheap plot gimmicks to keep them.

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Fortunately, when the time comes to teach, Onizuka discovers that he actually has a conscience. Instead of preying upon his pupils, he starts scheming on their mothers while teaching students life lessons with his own brand of unorthodox methods. Great Teacher Onizuka invigorates classwork and learning in ways that few anime do, even if Onizuka himself is a highly suspect role model in what is certainly not an anime for kids.

Some high schools are more unconventional than others, as the afterlife high school in Angel Beats! proves. 13-year-old Otonashi dies, loses all memories of his life, and arrives in the afterlife only to be immediately enrolled in high school.

Things get even more complicated for Otonashi when a girl named Yuri invites him into the Afterlife Battlefront. She leads this organization in battle against Angel, the student council president, a girl with magical powers. The story is all over the place, and its short 13-episode run leaves some plots unresolved, but Angel Beats! is a fun romp through a very different kind of school, a significant departure from most offerings of the genre.

Even with the best teachers, classes, and cafeteria food, school can be a miserable experience without friends. Nichijou is about the lives of three high school friends, Mio, Yuuko, and Mai, whose lives become entangled with an eccentric trio: the young genius Hakase, her talking cat Sakamoto, and Hakase's robot caretaker Nano.

The action veers from pedestrian activities (joking with friends on the walk to school) to the surreal (watching the principal suplex a deer in the school courtyard). When Nichijou gets weird, it gets very weird. It's for the best, because most of the best moments come when the series dives into the surreal.

Tohru is an excellent protagonist, always pressing forward through the adversity she faces. The strong art and music lift an already excellent (and quite funny) anime to even greater heights. Fruits Basket borrows key techniques from comedy anime, ensuring laughs from the audience.

Every character in Class 3-E is given room to develop, but the series star is unquestionably the teacher himself. The smiley-faced alien octopoid Koro-sensei challenges his students, trying to coax the best from them in the hopes that one day they will be strong enough to kill him. Intense, funny, and imaginative, Assassination Classwork is school anime approaching its best.

The powers are surprising, and every hero is given plenty of screentime to develop their personalities and backstories. The occasional misstep in pacing is more than made up for by the show's perfect understanding of how to blend the elements that make anime great. My Hero Academia is amongst the best in the genre.

At Ouran Academy, a high pedigree is the accepted standard. Haruhi is a brilliant student from an ordinary background, attending the school on scholarship. In search of a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club, a place where cute boys with too much free time entertain Ouran's female students. Haruhi breaks a vase in her rush to leave, and the club recruits her as their errand-runner to pay off her debt, later bringing her into their ranks as full-time host.

With its delicious blend of romance and comedy, Ouran High School Host Club makes the most of its school setting and the students that populate it. It might not have been a blockbuster anime, but Ouran High School Host Club deserves every accolade it gets.

In Another, Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to Yomiyama Middle School only to be drawn into the enigmatic web of eyepatch-wearing Mei and the series of gruesome deaths that plague the school. Another is a psychological horror anime as well as a school anime, and it remains dark at every step.

Highly atmospheric, creepy, and exceptionally violent, Another doesn't look much like most school anime, but that's all the more reason for aficionados to take a look. The series pushes the boundaries of what viewers expect from the genre, and though it isn't to everyone's taste, Another is a must-see for those that want the complete school anime experience.

The school anime genre is too deep and diverse. It mostly has a combination of one or more styles in it. There are multiple sub-genres like Romance, Slice of Life, Shounen, Sports, Comedy, Mecha, Isekai, Horror, Science fiction, Fantasy, Drama, and much more.

However, this does not mean those mature audiences do not like this genre. Creators of school anime have experimented with a lot of techniques. This makes them unique and vibrant. It has characters that range from bullies and crushes to funny teachers and strict deans.

As the name suggests, it focuses on all the flaws the education system brings along and provided in-depth detailing of the same. While Kuodo Ikusei Senior High School might seem like your average high school, it provides a lot more freedom and is also one of Japan's most well-known institutes.

However, there's much more than meets the eye, cause within the four walls, lies a terrifying ranking system. Students at the top are loved and those at the bottom are treated like outcasts. So, how do those within the school break away from a system that's been built against them?

If you're looking for a short but sweet school anime, then Magical Sempai definitely deserves a watch. It was first streamed on Crunchyroll during the summer anime season. Each episode is just 12 minutes long and within that short time frame, there's loads of magic to unwind!

There's an unnamed Sempai who manages to launch her very own stage magic club in school and ends up recruiting a rather hapless underclassman to help her. The problem is, that this helper suffers from terrible stage fright, which is why all her tricks end up going wrong.

Similar to most animes, Oresuki too is filled with lots of laughs and fun scenes and what makes it funnier and super fun to watch is the fact that the show is filled with multiple love triangles! The main character called Joro, speaks privately with two beautiful girls, hoping to get both of them to give a love confession to him.

If you're on the lookout for a high school anime that gives you a bit of a thrilling edge, then Kakegurui is an absolute must-watch. An unlikely story within the high-school anime genre, it has a lot of hijinks. You get to see an elite school where students come from wealthy families and where they're taught the perfect art of gambling!

Looking for a bit of high-school romance anime? After the Rain is a short and unconventional romance between high school student Akira Tachibana and her middle-aged divorcee boss. However, don't fret yet, cause there's more to the story and it deals with the idea of healing and self-confidence.

It has a blend of Shounen in it as well. Each episode of the anime began with a brief recap of the previous one. This is great because it ran for over 1 year. The creators did a decent job in character development.

Beastars, the title of the anime is a coveted position in this. The ones who successfully united the beasts with different eating habits earned it. During some tense moments, the Beastars played a role in calming them down. It mainly revolves around struggles & conflicts faced by the characters.

It tells the story of a girl who becomes the President of her school. The focus of the plot is more on her conflicting identity. She works as a maid at a café to make money and live. But, to her schoolmates, she comes across as a fearless and perfect person.

Highschool of the Dead is a thrilling and intense anime series set in a world overrun by a zombie apocalypse. The story follows a group of high school students and their school nurse as they navigate through hordes of the undead in a desperate struggle for survival.

Toradora! is an adaptation of its light novel. It later became source material for its PSP game too. It is a 2009 game and some of you may have played it, too. The anime and its novels became popular in a short span of time.


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