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Ezekiel Ward
Ezekiel Ward Hile APK: The Ultimate Chess App for Beginners and Experts

Chess is a challenging game to play because for that; you have to make each move with full perfection. The players who play Chess have different play styles, so they can easily tackle their opponents in this game. This game provides different lessons you can take if you want to know the different rotations while playing Chess or to make yourself better against other players. These lessons are very beneficial. hile apk

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While cheating (aka "Fair Play" on does include numerous forms of abuse, including sandbagging and multi-accounting, this article deals primarily with the most common form of cheating: using a chess engine for assistance. closes more than 800 accounts every day for cheating. And while that may seem like a lot, more than 70,000 new players join each day. Still, people are understandably concerned about cheating (though cheating paranoia can be just as much of a problem!).

As you can see, takes cheating very seriously, and while these numbers seem to be high, there are more than 20 million people playing chess on each month, so the actual percentage is fairly low.

As you all know, the digital world is increasing day by day and after the launch of mobile games, board games have decreased. Nowadays people don't even look at them as long as you have a phone in your hand. This is why they have launched the most famous board game chess in the form of an online game. The name of this app is This is the most downloaded application for chess. It has over 80 million downloads.

bağlantım kopuyor durduk yere enteresan hileler var mobil den turkcell, turk telekom ve sabit hatlardan ttnet,turknet ve tuksat kablonet hepsinde aynı maçı test ettim bağlantı kopuyor bu kadar firmanın aynı anda bağlantı sorunu yaşaması imkansız maalesef puan kaybediyoruz zaman yüzünden bağlantı koptu hatası veriyor direkt sistem. lichess en iyisi orda elo puanım1,5 k lardayken burada 800 -900 bandı sırf hile yüzünden yazık


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