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[S8E14] Shut It Down !!TOP!!

Boden, Casey, and Severide's concerns about the gas company needing to shut off the main to find the source of the problem was more than valid. Without a quick solution, more lives could be in danger.

[S8E14] Shut It Down

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He didn't join in on going down to the gas company and meeting the CEO, but it was progress, especially after he revealed his dissatisfaction to Mouch regarding his promotion to lieutenant on Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 13.

Dean suggests summoning a crossroads demon to find out who made a deal. Sam explains that he thinks another family member made a deal for the oil. Dean agrees to wait it out for two days. The other family members are returning to the ranch and Ellie--who has been working for the family since she was 13--gives Dean the rundown of the family members.

Dean, wearing his specialized specs, runs in to Ellie who tries to seduce him with a one night only offer that he turns down. Off in the fields while hunting, Sam separates for a minute from the others to chase the path of the hound but Noah finds him quickly. While going to get Margot, the hellhound has found her first and killed her. Back at the house Dean and Sam explain to the rest of the family what is going on and the family is handcuffed to keep them safe. Goofer dust is sprinkled around the house to try and prevent the hellhounds from getting in. Dean asks Sam to remain inside, to protect him from the trials. Sam protests but gives in as Dean explains how important it is that Sam has a life. Dean looks for the hounds and hears music coming from the barn so he goes to inspect it. Sam listens to more bickering amongst the family.

A series of mysterious gas leaks has members of Firehouse 51 puzzled and spread thin. Brett's conflicted when her birth mother gets serious about tracking her down. Severide misunderstands his role as Cruz's best man. Mouch bites off more than he can chew.

Just as Pam's maternity leave ends, Dwight is assigned the task of forming a team and traveling down to Florida for three weeks to help Sabre launch a chain of retail stores. He and Andy must select employees to accompany Dwight to Tallahassee. At first Dwight chooses Darryl, Phyllis, Toby, Angela, and Oscar, but Andy refuses letting so many essential employees leave for three weeks. While letting Dwight have Darryl and Phyllis, Andy chooses Kelly, Kevin and Cathy to join the team instead, upsetting Dwight. After Dwight announces who will be leaving there is much argument in the office on who gets to go and who does not. Andy decides to let people convince him why they should go before making his final decision.

Morgan plans to venture out of Hilltop as well, but not to look for Henry. Instead, he is going to hunt down the Saviors who escaped and kill them. Carol decides to go with him, more to protect Morgan from himself than anything else. Rick decides he will go hunting for the Saviors as well. He asks Alden, the lead Savior who stayed behind, where the others might go before heading back to the Sanctuary. Alden says some of the others once took him to an abandoned bar a few miles away. That is good enough for Rick, who sets out for blood.

By the time Chloe and Arlo regain the satellite feed, the cab has disappeared. Furious, Hastings orders Cole to lock the neighborhood down and search every facility where it could have pulled in. While he leaves to call President Taylor, Dana promises to send Samir police patrol patterns as soon as it is safe to do so.

Jack and Renee arrive at the United Nations, and greet Secret Service Agent Molly O'Connor, the head of President Hassan's protection detail. O'Connor briefs them on the evacuation plan: Hassan and his family will be taken by a seven agent detail, along with two members of Hassan's security force, through a service tunnel running parallel to the PATH lines into New Jersey, as soon as the vehicles are ready. Jack asks to see the itinerary, but first agrees to speak to President Hassan, who is waiting in the council chamber. Jack enters, and greets Hassan before telling him that he and his family will be taken out via the tunnels in the next ten minutes. Hassan chuckles, saying that he had hoped to leave the UN on a procession down Fifth Avenue after the signing ceremony. Jack replies that he and the President still believes that will happen. Hassan hopes that they are right.

The Secret Service detail arrives at the Third Avenue tunnel and is briefed by Agent Swofford that the escort vehicles await two hundred yards away where Agent Dalton and another agent are standing by, past a section of crates and equipment. Agent Molly O'Connor and Nabeel lead the way down the tunnel, followed by Jack, Renee, and the Hassan family. Further down the tunnel, Bishop's team surveys the situation, readying their masks and preparing to launch the attack.

Running down the tunnel, President Hassan asks Jack for a sidearm, saying that he used to be a soldier and he can help fight their attackers, but Jack tells him that they need to keep moving. Kayla twists her ankle, just before the wet ops team appears close behind, and Jack realizes they will not be able to outrun them. The group takes cover, and Jack finally gives Hassan a weapon so he can look after his family, while Jack and Renee head back to engage the enemy.

Samir calls Dana, who tells him that Hassan is being transported to McGuire Air Force Base, and they lost communication with his security detail twenty minutes ago. Samir realizes that President Taylor has no intention of giving up Hassan. Dana tries to convince him not to use the bomb because he will lose his leverage, but Samir replies that the President has left him no choice, and hangs up. He calls Tarin and orders him to start the countdown. Tarin doesn't reply, as he is surprised by what he has to do. "Your name will never be forgotten, my friend," Samir says, "Your family will be honored above all others."

Tarin seems visibly distraught about Samir's decision. But to assure Samir of his dedication he says an Arabic phrase. Samir responds to Tarin with the same phrase. Tarin begins the countdown. Fifteen minutes to detonation.

Peter decides to become a full-time member of the paparazzi after he finds success in selling footage of a celebrity he caught off guard. His boss begins hitting on him, but Peter shuts her down and he gets fired as a result. Meanwhile, Stewie gets stage fright when performing in a play.

So, 5-person Engine loses a firefighter, and Boden haphazardly decides to pull a firefighter from 4-person Truck? Which puts Truck down to 3 firefighters? And that goes on for at least two shifts, because Herrmann doesn't know how to do his job? Sure, why the hell not. The contrived sitcom C-plot demands it!

I enjoyed this episode. However, I missed the reason why they had to shut the door after each firefighter got a victim out of the salon and the meter couldn't drop below 15. Can someone explain why, exactly?

On her parallel route down the altar, recently engaged Robin has a hard time wearing her newly resized ring out in public. Turns out she's used to getting everything for free -- as seen in the first song and dance number since "The Suit Song" -- and now her engagement ring eclipses her beauty and she's both invisible in bars and is asked to pay for her coffee. (Gasp!)

Ted has difficulty finding common ground with perky-breasts Carly (TV? No. Sports? Nope. Books? Nada. Some version of "Stars Wars" will do) but proceeds to hook up with her anyway, if only to shut sweaty, sex-crazed Barney up. But worry not, Barney won't cheat on Robin, no more than she cheats on him by removing the ring from her finger just to get a beer.

While Leonard and Penny are eating dinner together, Penny asks about his on-going work with a particle detector and superfluids. Leonard is impressed even though Penny did write it down on a napkin from a previous day's discussion. The supercooled helium has a habit of crawling up the insides of the container and spilling out all over the place. Not unlike Sheldon's ant farm adds Penny. Leonard then starts to talk about super-fluid vacuum theory for a moment and then stops. If one images three-dimensional-space on the surface of a n-dimension bubble wonders Leonard. He gets excited and he runs off to discuss it with Sheldon. As Leonard is leaving Penny yells out to him, "Okay, but you two use the kitchen island, the coffee table won't support both your weight." After describing his theory, Sheldon considers it rather noisily. Leonard then wonders if it is any good. Sheldon replies that it is good and he likes it. Sheldon gives Leonard a sticker with a kitty on it saying "Me-WOW". Even though Leonard is defensive that he is not a pre-schooler, he does take the sticker since it's one of the few compliments Sheldon has ever given him.

Bernadette is embarrassed about her beauty pageant past in which Penny agrees. Then, she blurts out that Amy writes "Little House on the Prairie" fan fiction that includes herself and Sheldon, and posts it online. Amy wants to know what she did to deserve that. Bernadette replies that she had to get the attention off of her, and that tearing down other women was part of her pageant training. Amy insists that it's personal so Penny concludes that it's about her and Sheldon. That is not true. Her story is about a physicist named Cooper time travelling back in time and meeting a pioneer woman named Amelia. Penny quickly finds it and starts to read as Bernadette listens carefully.

Sheldon is frustrated that their troll hasn't responded. He wants to get back at him. Raj is creating some fake accounts to add positive comments about their paper. Finally the troll responds that Sheldon and Leonard's juvenile attempts at humor go to prove that the physicists at Caltech are nothing but a bunch of engineers which really insults Sheldon and Howard. Sheldon challenges the troll to meet them face to face. Leonard wants him to delete that message, but before Sheldon can comply he gets an Internet video call. Sheldon freaks out and slams his computer shut, thus not taking the call. 041b061a72


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