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Structural Steel Design 5th Edition Solution Manual Pdf

In order to further promote the actual application of the SLA, much research has been conducted to improve the mechanical properties of the fabricated resin sample [12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20]. Wang et al. [12] conducted topological optimization to achieve high-strength nodes in additive manufacturing by applying the bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization method. An AM-driven topology optimization method coupled with a transversely isotropic material model and a solid anisotropic material with penalization was proposed by Li et al. [13,14] to establish the quantitative correlation between the process-related parameters and mechanical properties of printed materials. Valencia et al. [15] studied the influences of the concentration of AgClO4, post-curing times, and other parameters on the performances of a metal/polymer nanocomposite with enhanced optical/electrical behavior. The topology optimization in the structural steel design for additive manufacturing was reviewed by Ribeiro et al. [16], which aimed to improve the performance of the fabricated sample. Martín-Montal et al. [17] studied the influence of certain printing parameters on printed material behavior, such as printing angles, printing resolution, curing time and temperature. Chen and Lu [18] proved that surface quality was not only dependent on build orientation, but more on scanning orientation of the parts in the rapid prototyping processes. It has been proven by Cazon et al. [19] that the part orientation has a significant effect on the elastic modulus and fracture stress in the PolyJet rapid prototyping technology. Udroiu [20] investigated the effects of the main factors in the material jetting additive manufacturing process on the surface roughness of the wing using the statistical design of experiments. These research achievements proved that adjustment of the process parameters in SLA and other additive manufacturing methods were the critical factors to decide the mechanical and other properties of the fabricated samples.

Structural Steel Design 5th Edition Solution Manual Pdf

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